I See the Frog interviews Sisyphus Coxx, hosts our new video for “Wonderin'”

We’d like to thank I See the Frog for interviewing Sisyphus Coxx, even though it got a bit messy near the end. You can read the interview here and check out the animated music video for our song “Wonderin'” while you’re at it!


Jack Diablo Hates . . . NOTW

NOTW. You’ve seen it. Maybe you’ve wondered what the fuck it is.


For God so Loved the world, he gave us pick-up trucks and tattoos.

 The NOTW bumper stickers started popping up years ago. I saw one again today, large as life on the back window of a Ford F150.

At first, I didn’t know what NOTW stood for. I thought maybe it was the logo for a Queensryche cover band. Back then, I never would have guessed it was an evangelical Christian acronym that stands for “Not of This World.”

 Are you fucking kidding me??!!

Jesus is an alien, fine. I’m cool with that. But, when he comes back, do you think he’ll really want to see all you douchebags displaying a logo that looks like it should be a tattoo right above some slut’s ass crack?


His girlfriend has a matching one on the small of her back.

Enough already. Just so all you idiots know, the company NOTW hails from Corona, California. For those who have never had the distinct pleasure of passing through this bumblefuck town, Corona is a paradise of white racist desert people that smells like a cow’s sphincter. Oh, and NOTW is a for-profit company. It’s not an altruistic charity with the mission of spreading the word of God’s redeeming grace. When you display this sticker, you’re not saving souls—you’re helping the CEO afford to re-tile his pool.

When did being a good Christian translate into displaying a red-necky rock logo with a hidden gospel reference? You’re not the “cool Christian,” ok? There are few things I despise more than the “cool guy” Christian who says things like, “Let’s rap about Jesus, bro.” I hope when Jesus returns he’s like he was in the temple that one time, flipping over tables and shit, except now he’s flipping raised pickups with monster-truck tires and using his laser-beam eyes to burn the NOTW logos into douchey foreheads.

If you have a NOTW sticker on the back of your vehicle, here’s hoping you get Left Behind.

JD hates

Commemorate the Fortieth Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon

Help save the remaining Whore Huts: Buy this track.

Whore Hut (repeat)

I met with Ho Chi Minh

Told him about American sins

He said: “Why talk about geopolitics

When you can talk about pussies and dicks?”

korean waar2


Take me to the whore hut

In Vietnam

Whore hut

In east Saigon

Whore hut

Where we drop the napalm

And all the children have no arms

mushroom cloud

In the Philippines

We look for little brown fucking machines

Democracy, progress;

That’s what we bring

Third World women

Make the best sluts

They work for cheap

And even tickle your nuts

When we march on your country

No ifs, ands, or buts

Just lead us straight

To the whore hut



In Ingaedong

Whore Hut

We’ll even stop in Taiwan

Whore hut

Don’t cry, is something wrong?

Whore Hut

Breakdown, spoken:

They want American money

American dream

They want Coca-Cola bottles

American cream


korean war

On April 30, 1975, North Vietnamese forces captured Saigon,

To some, a symbolic end to the ill-fated American imperial endeavor in Asia

To others the start of a repressive communist era

In which soldiers and sluts fought to stem the destruction of the last remaining whore huts

In Korea

We scoured the land

Looking all around for some nice woman

Day after day of searching for sluts…

Guess what?

We stumbled on a whore hut


In Itaewon

Whore hut

The port of Inchon

That’s where

MacArthur surprise attacked from

Whore Hut

Additional lyrics:

The Japanese had Nanking

Hey, let’s try to top that thing

© 2011 Rager/Rager/Clark